Coming up on Connections: Friday, September 22nd

Sep 22, 2017

First hour: Grandchildren of Gandhi and Dorothy Day

Second hour: Theater of War

The grandchildren of two of the most prominent world figures will come together in Rochester for one night -- but first, they're on Connections. Gandhi and Dorothy Day worked for social justice through nonviolence. Their grandchildren, Arun Gandhi, and Martha and Kate Henessy, will speak about their family legacies. It's particularly timely, with violent protests happening around the world. In studio:

  • Arun Gandhi, grandson of Gandhi
  • Martha Hennessy, granddaughter of Dorothy Day
  • Kate Hennessy, granddaughter of Dorothy Day
  • Harry Murray, professor at Nazareth College

In our second hour: Since ancient times, combat veterans have suffered from war stress, PTSD, and suicidal urges. The Veterans Outreach Center is bringing Theater of War to Rochester to examine those issues. The classic Greek story of Ajax depicts the warrior, struggling with pride, reputation, family, and ultimately suicide. Centuries ago, as today, it was difficult to talk about these issues. Theater of War aims to open the door to discussion and to healing. Our guests:

  • Nick Stefanovic, veteran and board vice president for the Veterans Outreach Center 
  • Melissa Fitzgerald, actor in Theater of War
  • Zach Grenier, actor in Theater of War