Coming up on Connections: Friday, February 23

Feb 23, 2018

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First hour: Planetary scientist David Stevenson

Second hour: How Black Panther became a cultural touchstone

It's a name you haven't heard, but Dave Stevenson is a "legend" in the world of interplanetary science. That's according to the U of R's own Adam Frank. Stevenson is visiting Rochester for a series of lectures this week, and our discussion will cover the very nature of how planets are formed, and where life can exist. It's particularly poignant, as human beings continue to struggle with the climate on our own planet. Is there anywhere else we could go hang out for a while? In studio:

  • David Stevenson, Goldberger professor of planetary science at Caltech

Then in our second hour, Black Panther is not just a box office smash; it has already become a cultural touchstone. Our panel will discuss the movie, its themes, and its impact on our society.

  • Melanie Funchess, director of community engagement for the Mental Health Association of Rochester
  • Willis Brooks, PR rep at Entercom, and actor
  • Leslie Youngblood, author of Love Like Sky
  • Mona Isler, executive assistant and staff liaison to the board at WXXI, and comedy improviser