Coming up on Connections: Friday, December 22

Dec 21, 2017

First hour: Could an object visiting our solar system have extraordinary origins?

Second hour: Marketplace - "The Tax Bill: Now What?"

There’s a dark, mysterious object visiting our solar system, and astronomers in Hawaii say its behavior has them wondering if it could be an artificial object. They’ve named it Oumuamua – Hawaiian for “messenger” – and it’s the first object of its kind to be observed by humans. Researchers say it behaves oddly and has a strange shape. They argue that while it is probably made of natural materials, they haven’t yet ruled out that it could be a spaceship. Scientists will soon probe the object for signs of technology, and we’ll learn more in the coming weeks about its size and composition. But in the meantime, if it is more than a lifeless rock, what will humans do if we aren’t alone in the universe?  University of Rochester astrophysicist Adam Frank joins us to discuss that, and some news surrounding Mars and beyond.  

Then in our second hour, it’s special programming from Marketplace about tax reform. Kai Ryssdal hosts a one-hour special that examines what the changes mean for the economy and you.  We'll look at the big picture and the small details -- how we live, govern, do business, save and get ahead.  Ryssdal and a host of Marketplace reporters will answer listener questions from across the country, and hear from small business owners and CEOs, with a comprehensive look at the big picture and small details. It's a timely portrait of the questions intrinsic to the American economy: how we live, save, work, and get ahead.