College at Brockport detains several people for questioning in hazing investigation

Nov 30, 2017

University Police at the College at Brockport detained a number of people for questioning Wednesday night in connection with an alleged hazing incident.

The college issued a statement saying the search warrant was conducted at 104 Monroe Avenue in Brockport, a residence that borders the campus of that SUNY school.

Officials say that the people detained have been identified as being members of a group that calls itself “The Delts.”

The Zeta Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi National Fraternity was revoked by the national fraternity and closed by The College at Brockport in 2001.

Brockport officials say they have done everything in their authority to prohibit the continued, unrecognized activity of the group.

They say they regularly educate and warn students and their parents of the dangers associated with such unrecognized groups and will continue to do so and the college says it has  zero tolerance for this group’s behavior.