Cold weather and your pet

Dec 26, 2017

Credit apr.org

The cold weather is here, and pet owners should be making sure their dog or cat isn't spending too much time outside in the frigid air.

"Some animals are a little more acclimated to cold weather than we are but at the same time a great rule of thumb to use is that if it's too cold for you, generally it's too cold for your pets to be outside," said Ashley Zeh, Associate Director of Communications at Lollypop Farm. "Making sure that they are getting in and staying warm, those things are going to be very important over these next few days, and throughout the winter."

Zeh says owners should take their dog out for a short walk in this kind of extreme cold, and check their paws when you're done.

"They could be stepping on salt, on things that are abrasive to their paws, but also they can get snow inside their paws which can cause problems too.  So when you come inside, make sure you’re wiping off their paws and getting that snow out of their pads," she said.

Zeh says make sure your pets don't spend too much time outdoors and they get in and stay warm over the next few days and throughout the winter.

She says people with an outdoor cat should try to keep them inside as much as possible.

Or they can build a shelter for outdoor or feral cats.

Other tips include make sure your pet has enough water -- in a plastic dish. 

And feel free to feed them more than normal because they'll be burning more calories to try to stay warm.

Zeh reminds people to NOT leave their pet inside their car, especially in the winter cold or in the summer heat.

Zeh adds if you see a pet that has remained outside for a lengthy period of time and are concerned for its health, call Lollypop Farm.

She says their Humane Law Enforcement Department looks into issues such as that.