Co-Pay Relief

May 21, 2012

More than 400 physical therapists from around New York are joining forces to create legislation that will place a cap on high co-pays. 

According to healthcare officials, it's not uncommon for specialist co-pays to be $50 per visit and physical therapy care usually requires 10 or 12 sessions per month.

Matt Hyland is the President of the New York Physical Therapy Association. He  says  high co-pays are placing an unfair burden on patients.

"The first visit most patients say 'I can't afford to come more than a couple of times.' The physical therapist may be prescribing a course of care twice a week for two or three weeks but the patient can't afford to come as prescribed," says Hyland.

The New York Physical Therapy Association is lobbying for a bill that will cap specialist co-pays at 20% of a therapist's average bill. Hyland says the bill would essentially make most patient co-pays only around $10 per visit.

According to a survey conducted by the New York Physical Therapy Association, one in four insured New Yorkers say they can't afford a full course of physical therapy.