City of Rochester says they are ready for winter storms

Dec 5, 2017

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

A number of local agencies as well as the City of Rochester gathered in front of a fleet of snowplows at the city’s operation center to provide tips for winter preparedness as the season settles in.

Stephanie Woodward is with the Center for Disability Rights, she said sidewalks are only cleared by the city when four inches of snow falls, but problems can occur for people with disabilities if the sidewalks aren’t kept clean all season.

"Clearing the snow from your sidewalks can actually make the difference between the ability to evacuate our homes in times of emergency, or not."

She recommended having a plan if your home or building loses electricity.

"If you live in a building that requires electricity for you to get out, such as a lift or an elevator, plan to leave early before that happens or have a plan where you’ll be safe in your own home for a long period of time if that elevator does go out."

Woodward also mentioned a text to 911 program as another vital tool, giving deaf individuals or people with speech disabilities access to emergency services if they need them.

With the RPD Traffic Enforcement Unit, Officer Gil Contreras said during a storm it’s important to minimize distractions while driving, and make sure your cell phone is charged in case you need help.

"Just be mindful if you get stranded, you travel with a full tank of gas. When it gets to half, fill it back up again to full. Make sure you have some non-perishable snacks."

The city is ready for the next winter storm says Mayor Lovely Warren, with 8,000 tons of salt and over 200 pieces of equipment ready to go.