City Council swears in 3 new and 2 incumbent members

Jan 2, 2018

Rochester City Council held its biennial organizational ceremony at city hall Tuesday afternoon.

Three new city council members were sworn-in, alongside two incumbents.

Malik Evans, Mitch Gruber, Willie Lightfoot, Jacklyn Ortiz and Loretta Scott were all elected to council this past November. Ortiz and Scott were the incumbents re-elected last fall.

Councilmember Loretta Scott was re-elected by the Council to continue serving as Council President and Adam McFadden was elected Council Vice President.

One of the new members is Malik Evans, who was previously serving the Rochester City School District for 14 years.

"I’m excited to get started. On behalf of the citizens of Rochester, I think Rochester is poised to continue growth and I hope from my seat as one of the council members, I have the opportunity to really improve the quality of life for Rochester citizens.”

Evans says he hopes to continue job growth in the city, attracting businesses both big and small.

"When we look to attract businesses, we're trying to attract them to neighborhoods, understanding that we may not get a company that will employ 50,000 people but if we can get a company that’s going to employ 50 people or 5 people, that’s how small businesses become big businesses."

He also hopes to work on development along the newly filled in portion of the inner loop.

At-large council members will each serve four year terms.