The Children's Agenda releases analysis of proposed 2018-2019 city budget

Jun 18, 2018

Credit The Children's Agenda

A local independent group is urging the city of Rochester to put more funding into the future of children and youth.

The Children’s Agenda recently released its analysis of the proposed 2018-2019 city budget.

The group notes the city is playing a significant role in a number of initiatives and commends the allocations for developmental screening, full time librarians and expanded community engagement, yet it recommends that the city should do more for its youngest residents.

Brigit Hurley, Director of Advocacy for the group said they made some suggestions, saying a portion of the large amount spent on public safety could go towards prevention and youth development activities that will reduce the need for public safety expenditures in the years ahead.

"It’s inherent of course in planning that we're talking about the future and obviously if we really believe that children and youth are our future then we would be placing a lot of emphasis on kids in Rochester.”

Hurley says early childhood care has been a concern of theirs since the beginning of their organization.

"One of the greatest challenges facing, advancing quality early childhood experiences is that there just isn’t enough qualified people to fill the slots that are available."

City Council will vote on the budget Tuesday June 19th.