Changes made for Catholic Mass in Rochester due to the flu

Jan 26, 2018

The widespread outbreak of the flu has resulted in some changes for local Catholics attending Mass.

In a memo from the Vicar General of the Rochester Catholic Diocese, the Very Reverend Paul Tomasso, there are various protocols that have been outlined.

They include letting parishioners know that they may offer the “Sign of Peace” with a simple nod or bow of the head rather than shake hands. 

Also, during Holy Communion, the parishioners aren’t required to take the wine from a communal cup. The memo reminds the faithful that in general, they are not required to both take the host and drink the wine.

The memo also calls for certain cleaning procedures to be taken regarding the Holy Water and any vessels used during Mass.

And the note encourages people to offer prayers for those afflicted by the flu as well as health care workers caring for those people.