Authorities investigate death at a group home in Rochester

Dec 7, 2017

Rochester Police say they are investigating the death of a resident at a local group home.

The say that at about 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, they were called to 225 Avenue A for a report of a male who was unconscious and not breathing.

The building is a housing program for people with developmental disabilities. It is operated by the Ibero-American Action League. Police say the 911 call was made by a staff member of the group home and when they got there, a resident of the home, Louise Minllety was found dead.

Police, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Medical Examiner’s Office are all involved in the investigation. The New York Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs is also helping with the investigation.

RPD says that all of the involved staff members have been fully cooperative and a cause of death is pending.

The Ibero American Action League issued a statement confirming that it is one of the residents of their group home and the situation is under investigation.

The Mary Cariola Children's Center also released a statement saying that Minllety spent 11 years in the school program there, and they say news of his death came as an extreme shock to all of those who had worked with him and tracked his progress. He was a 2014 graduate of the program at Mary Cariola.

The center is offering counseling to staff as needed.