Area schools take preventive measures against the flu

Feb 3, 2018

School officials have their hands full with the current outbreak of the flu, but measures taken to prevent the spread of the illness appear to be working the Rochester City School District and suburban schools.

Coordinator for student health services at the RCSD, Erin Graupman, says the district continues to remind parents about the importance of getting their children vaccinated.              

"We're also implementing good handwashing throughout the buildings, making sure staff and students are taking breaks every couple of hours to wash their hands, we're doing extra cleaning efforts."

Graupman says they're asking if students and staff are ill, they should stay home for 24 hours.

She says children who miss a day are checked out by school nurses.

Graupman adds they also implemented the Monroe County School Kids Influenza Prevention Project to increase the number of children who get the flu vaccine.              

"We immunized in our district alone, over 900 students in the month of December with flu vaccinations. And that was a process where we had to get consent from parents." 

In the suburban schools, there have been no big spikes of children staying home because of the flu or other illness, according to Monroe County School Boards Association President Sherry Johnson.              

"They're going through all the protocols making sure the buildings are all sanitized every day and at night when there's less students in the building.  Kids are washing their hands, following the hand sanitizer protocols."

Johnson adds that it appears people are more aware given the fact that this is a particularly bad flu season and are taking proactive measures to protect themselves, and their kids, from the illness.