Area officials and organizations issue guidance about dealing with a potential ice storm

Apr 14, 2018

Area officials and the AAA have issued information about a potential ice storm this weekend and other severe weather conditions, such as flooding in some parts of the state this weekend.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services has been in contact with local emergency managers across the state and is monitoring flooding issues along Lake Ontario as well as the impacts of heavy rains along rivers and streams. 

He says the Division is prepared to respond to requests for assistance with assets from its stockpiles, including over 700 generators, 257 light towers, nearly 1,300 pumps, 15 sandbaggers, more than 1.2 million sandbags, more than 56,300 ready-to-eat meals, over 430,000 bottles and cans of water, over 9,000 cots, approximately 12,000 blankets and 13,000 pillows, over 4,000 flashlights, 960 traffic barriers, 594 traffic barrels, and almost 7,000 feet of aqua dam.   

The Thruway Authority has 667 supervisors and operators ready to deploy 245 Large Snow Plows, 113 Medium Snow Plows, 11 Tow Plows and 54 Loaders across the state with more than 105,000 tons of road salt on hand.

Thruway Authority staff has been removing snow from emergency lanes and medians, as well as clearing drainage along its system to alleviate the potential of roadway flooding. 

The New York State Department of Transportation is prepared for the mixed winter precipitation combined with strong winds and possible heavy rains.  DOT stands ready with snow and ice equipment, tree and debris clearing equipment and dewatering pumps and road closure apparatus. Crews have been out have inspecting flood prone locations and clearing debris from drainage inlets.    

Motorists are reminded to check 511NY by calling 511 or visiting www.511ny.org before traveling. The free service allows users to check road conditions and transit information.  

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo issued this statement Saturday afternoon:

“My public safety team and I have been closely monitoring the approaching ice storm throughout the day today.

As of our latest briefing around 4:00 p.m., we continue to anticipate localized power outages and downed limbs and trees throughout Monroe County, particularly between midnight tonight and early morning tomorrow.

I encourage all residents who are travelling tonight to be prepared for challenging driving conditions and to exercise caution on the roads.

Our Office of Emergency Management remains in constant contact with our local law enforcement and emergency response partners and we are prepared to respond to whatever tonight’s weather may bring.”

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren advises:

  • Avoid unnecessary travel;
  • Be aware of road conditions and act accordingly;
  • Prepare your household for possible power outages;
  • Be cautious of falling and/or fallen debris;
  • Treat all downed power lines as live wires;
  • Give road crews room to do their jobs;
  • Observe alternate-parking regulations;
  • Check the condition of elderly or ill neighbors;
  • Call 311 to report debris, vehicles blocking the roadway or other non-emergency conditions that could impede travel or storm recovery;
  • Call 911 only if you require a police officer, firefighter or emergency medical services.

The AAA of Western and Central NY has this advice in case of an ice storm:

Frozen Windshields

  • If you have access to a garage or a carport, use it! If you have to park outside, try to avoid parking under tree branches, power lines or other objects where ice could fall and strike the vehicle.
  • NEVER pour hot water on an icy windshield; the thermal shock may cause it to break.
  • If you can, park facing east to gain some benefits from sun rays.
  • Make sure your wipers are turned off before you exit the vehicle. You want to avoid starting a vehicle with wipers turned on in case they are frozen in place.
  • Prop up your wipers or cover them with plastic bags so that the rubber blades do not freeze to the windshield.
  • Let your car warm up longer than usual to allow defrosters to work to melt ice from the inside out.
  • Make sure you have a quality ice scraper to effectively scrape away ice once it begins to soften up. Avoid pounding on the ice and don’t use your scraper on painted surfaces.
  • Make sure that you have a full supply of winter-quality windshield washer solvent.
  • There are commercial de-icer products that can be used to help melt away ice from your windshield or your locks.

Frozen Car Doors

  • Doorjamb gaskets can be wiped down with a good quality silicon spray product on a rag before the storm hits. Make sure you check the product label for hazards.
  • If you are in a safe area, avoid locking your doors. (Remove all valuables from the vehicle.)
  • Use a commercial lock de-icer product on frozen door locks and keys.