Anthony L. Jordan Health Center gets 3,300 square foot expansion

Oct 20, 2017

Dr. Janice Harbin, CEO/President of Jordan Health discusses the expansion at a ground breaking ceremony Thursday.
Credit Tianna Manon/WXXI News

Driving by the Anthony L. Jordan Health Center in Rochester, nothing looks particularly different. But behind the health clinic is a huge hole and a lot of dirt. That hole will soon be the 3,300 square-foot clinical space, or home, for the Center’s team based care model. The model streamlines primary care by treating the patient with a whole team of medical professionals.

“Team based care is designed to improve health outcomes. The patient is not only being seen by the physician and a nurse but they’re being embraced by an entire team,” said Dr. Janice Harbin, CEO and President of Jordan Health. “We want to ensure when the patient comes in, there’s no gap in care. Team-based care allows us to perform the highest quality of community based health care.”

Overall, the Center expansion will cost $3.3 million and grants from the Affordable Care Act partially funded the project. It is expected to be completed late next year.

“Many of the people that are served by this facility don’t get around that well,” said David Gardner, architect with LaBella Associates, the team behind the expansion. “When you need healthcare, you’re not that able to go back and forth. We want to provide health care in a dignified manner, in an efficient manner and that what’s the plan of this building is going to try to facilitate.”

Local officials shovel symbolic dirt in front of the Jordan Health Center to break ground on an expansion.
Credit Tianna Manon/WXXI News

“How convenient it is to be in one place where if you have multiple issues to discuss and have addressed you don’t have to go back home and wait for another appointment, another day to get the job done,” said Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo. She said needing multiple visits could impede treatment.

The expansion joins a number of other projects on Hudson Avenue and the surrounding area, including a $50 million housing project on Hudson and Cleveland Street.

“I think it expands even further than the physical well-being of our residents,” said Kate Washington who spoke on Thursday on behalf of Mayor Lovely Warren. “It also is contributing to the economic health of our community. And I think health in a community is not just a question of physical health which we’re really, really excited about having here but also the ability to really create more opportunities in the neighborhood.”