Addiction recovery program in Gates offers family support, naloxone training

Dec 26, 2017

Credit Gates to Recovery facebook

An addiction and support drop-in program is now running at Gates Town Hall.

David Attridge, Executive Director of Recovery Now says the Michael Brown Gates to Recovery serves as a gathering place for both those seeking help for themselves as well as family support.

"You know they were asking questions, hey I just found out my kid’s using or I think my kid might be using or my kid is using. They’d come in they’d ask questions, but after we talked to them we found out they’d start talking to other families and then they just kept coming back each week."

The program runs out of Gates Town Hall on Buffalo Road every Thursday from 5pm to 8pm.

Attridge says every third Thursday they offer overdose prevention training and hand out free naloxone kits.

He's hoping they can get out as many kits as needed, especially in areas that seem to have reoccurring overdoses.

"If that street seems to be like a hot street for different problems, we're offering to come in, almost like how they used to do those Tupperware parties. You can call neighbors, they can all come and we can train them all at once."

The program also has a 24/7 hotline for those who cant make it out on a Thursday or would like to seek support over the phone, that number is 585-310-4080.