AAA: National average for gallon of gas at its highest cost since 2015

Apr 30, 2018

It's back to $45 dollar fill ups for many motorists
Credit Alex Crichton

Gasoline prices continue to rise.

With the switchover to more expensive summer blend fuels, the average price  statewide is up another nickel in the last week, to $2.94.

In Rochester, the price has gone up another two cents to an average of $2.87, according to AAA communications specialist Lindsay Kensy.

"While demand has dropped to rates typically seen during the spring driving season, the other factors like the summer blend can keep it high, as well as the ancipation of Memorial Day travel" she said.

AAA predicts that price may go up by another 5 to 10 cents a gallon through Memorial Day, but the auto club does not expect the national average to hit 3 dollars a gallon.

At the current rate, the average in New York State will likely hit $3.00 a gallon before the holiday.

Credit westerncentralny.aaa.com

"It's not unlikely that we'll see three dollars a gallon in New York State.  So depending on your gas mileage and make and model of your car, you will be paying more to fill up than you're used to.  We do expect prices to trend back down a bit after Memorial Day," she said.

The average around Rochester is at least 40 cents more per gallon than a year ago.

Meanwhile, it's AAASchool Safety Patrol Week in New York State.

Around 9 thousand Safety Patrollers at hundreds of schools help their classmates at street crossings and along designated safe routes to school.

They also help with bus loading and unloading and transit.

AAA asks that drivers be extra careful when driving near schools, buses and playgrounds.

The auto club organized the very first safety patrols back in 1920.

Safety patrollers are selected on the basis of leadership potential, academic standing and character.