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Paradise, Calif., Destroyed By Wildfire, Authorities Say

Updated at 5:15 a.m. ET on Friday A fast-moving Northern California wildfire has forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate, with residents fleeing through flames and leaving their cars to take cover in nearby stores. The Camp Fire started Thursday morning near Paradise, a town of around 27,000 some 90 miles north of Sacramento. By Thursday evening, the town was a scene of widespread destruction, hundreds of structures reduced to rubble. Meanwhile, far to the south, outside Los Angeles,...

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No Bail for Drug Suspects

Jan 23, 2001

Athena Award Winner

Jan 18, 2001

New Penfield Library

Jan 18, 2001

Rochester NY – The Penfield Town Board will dedicate a new one-point-nine million dollar library this evening at the Penfield Community Center. Last January Penfield voters approved funding needed to make major improvements at the library, which included expanding the facility from over 17 thousand feet to 28 thousand square feet.As a result of this expansion, Penfield's town property tax rate increased eight cents for every one thousand dollars of assessed value.

    Rochester NY – The " Bait and Shoot" program will continue in the town of Irondequoit. That was the decision of the Monroe County Long Term Deer Management Advisory Task Force. The " Bait and Shoot" program started eight years ago in an attempt to thin the deer population at Durand Eastman Park. Figures released by the County shows that 845 deer have been killed resulting from the " Bait and Shoot " program since 1993..

      Givens Jury Reaches Decision

      Jan 18, 2001

      December Unemployment Rate

      Jan 18, 2001

      Rochester NY – The December 2000 unemployment rate for the Greater Rochester area stands at three-point-seven percent, according to figures released today from the State Labor Department. An increase in private sector jobs was one reason given for our area's low jobless rate. Statewide, New York's unemployment rate for December 2000 was four-point-five percent.

        Albany, NY – Governor George Pataki stressed fiscal prudence as he introduced an 83-billion-dollar state budget proposal. It includes a controversial retooling of New York's school financing system that may make the budget a tough sell in the state legislature.



        News from NPR

        Days after midterm voting, as ballots are still being counted, Republican lawmakers holding onto tight leads in midterm states are alleging foul play and voter fraud. The claims were amplified by President Trump Thursday evening.

        Current Florida Gov. Rick Scott, locked in a tight Senate race, said in a press conference Thursday night that "the people of Florida deserve fairness and transparency and the supervisors are failing to give it to us."

        Police in Australia shot and killed a knife-wielded assailant who stabbed three people, killing one, in a busy section of Melbourne on Friday.

        The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack and authorities say they are investigating it as an act of terrorism.

        Witnesses told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that a four-speed utility truck sped down Bourke Street in the southern Australia city's central business district and crashed after missing a tram.

        President Trump claimed some personal victories in the 2018 midterm results, and as he ticked them off at a press conference on Wednesday he might as well have been walking through the Electoral College map for 2020.

        For some older adults, private Medicare Advantage plans next year will include a host of new benefits, such as transportation to medical appointments, home-delivered meals, wheelchair ramps, bathroom grab bars, or air conditioners for asthma sufferers.

        But the new benefits will not be widely available, and they won't be easy to find, during this fall's enrollment period.

        Of the 3,700 plans across the country next year, only 273 in 21 states will offer at least one. About 7 percent of Advantage members — 1.5 million people — will have access, Medicare officials estimate.

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        From the Inclusion Desk

        Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

        As Artists Unlimited, a local theater group that integrates people with and without disabilities, gets ready for its latest production of the Little Mermaid, WXXI's Caitlin Whyte stopped by another rehearsal for a unique part of the play — the fly scenes. She has been following the group as they prepare for their 18th production.

        When I walk into fly rehearsal, just a week before the show debuts, the crew is discussing how to rig Ariel up for her big reveal, turning from mermaid to woman, while in the air.

        It takes a second, but they figure out the scene. The fly crew is a team of dads, most with kids in the play, pulling ropes and securing harnesses to make the underwater scenes more intricate and lifelike.

        Center for Disability Rights

        Rochester's Center for Disability Rights has started sorting through what the organization’s systems advocate Ericka Jones called a "bumpy" Election Day.

        Jones spent the day tracking problems that people with disabilities encountered at polling sites. She said complaints around specially designed voting machines called “ballot-marking devices” came up often.

        New York City Board of Elections

        As candidates and political parties try to get out the vote on Election Day, another group is working to make sure that once people get to their polling place, they have the tools they need to cast a ballot.

        Ericka Jones tracks complaints about polling places that aren’t equipped to help people with disabilities, and tries to find solutions. Jones is the systems advocate at Rochester’s Center for Disability Rights, and she called Election Day “one of the most stressful days” of her year.

        Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

        A new institute at St. John Fisher College will focus on nursing that supports individuals with developmental disabilities.

        Paychex founder and philanthropist Tom Golisano and the Golisano Foundation donated $5.8 million to the school to create the Golisano Institute for Developmental Disability Nursing. Tom Golisano donated $5 million and the foundation donated $800,000.

        It is the first of its kind in the country, and will focus on training health care providers to support this population.

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        A wide-reaching epidemic

        WXXI, in partnership with public broadcasting stations across New York state, is airing special programming examining the opioid crisis.

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